…what’s up with Amsterdam

For 3 years I was living in Madrid, Spain, enjoying the wonderful and relaxed lifestyle the Spaniards taught me. Many people from different countries in the world I met, and all of them burdened with questions about my home country.

What’s up with coffee shops? What’s up with the red light district?

I liked answering these questions.

Since 2011 I’ve been back in Amsterdam, running this website to answer all those burning questions the world seems to have about this tiny country, with it’s friendly but also rather peculiar people.

Explore the wider Amsterdam

In the last few years, Amsterdam has become a very popular tourist destination. The enormous growth of tourism has also put a lot of stress on, especially the centre of, Amsterdam. The inner city: the ‘red light district’ and the canal rings is not just a tourist attraction, it’s an area where people live, work, play and carry on with their daily life.

On this blog I’m therefore also trying to direct visitors towards areas that just as remarkable as the Amsterdam historical centre, but are not featured in the standard tourist guides.

Expats & new comers

For people who fall in love with this city and trying to make a more permanent move here, for them there is also a lot of information to make the move easier: trying to find a place to live, understanding Dutch culture through customs, traditional Dutch food and the peculiarities of the Dutch language.

History and stories of the city

A lot of the stories on What’s up with Amsterdam are dotted with historical facts and stories. That is because I myself am a tourist guide. I will be most happy to show you around during your visit. Contact me for more information on What’s up Tours.

Comments, suggestions?

I hope this website is an entertaining and informative guide for all those interested in Amsterdam. I have worked as a journalist and editor for over 15 years, so getting the facts right is very important to me. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know by sending me an email with the contact form below. My thanks is great!

Oh, and (almost) all photos are made by me as well.

Enjoy and tot ziens,

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